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About Us

Our mission is to provide a quality childcare experience that helps your child develop physically, socially, and emotionally.

The Kid’s Center Believes…

A young child’s learning takes place largely through play. Thus, a child must be provided ample opportunity to explore and discover their self.  We also believe that in order for a child to learn and prepare for school there must be a structure with defined goals in mind.  Therefore the Kid’s Center program contains components of language art, math, science/nature, dramatic play, and sensory-motor development.   We know that each child has different developmental needs and therefore we will believe that accommodations must be made to cater to each individual child.


We are excited to partake in the growth and development of your child. Thus, the Kid’s Center staff is highly trained in the fields of child development and early childhood education.  It is our intent to provide a happy, secure, clean and dependable environment for parents to leave their children on a regular or part-time basis.  Our goal is to help your child develop into a well-adjusted individual through our daily programs and activities while they are entrusted in our care.  Our daily programs will include mental and physical growth, social and emotional development, self-expression, and individual care with attention and love.


Parent Participation Policy

Parents should talk with their child’s teacher about ongoing activities and check the bulletin boards for your child’s classroom calendars.  The boards will provide up to date information on what is happening at the center each month, list dates for holiday programs and open houses, and display weekly lunch and snack menus.   Furthermore, parents should check their child’s mailbox (located in their classroom) daily for papers to take home.  Likewise, parents should visit their child’s classroom regularly to see their child’s art displays.


Quarterly reports will be sent home with children to inform parents of their child’s progress and behavior.  In addition to, teacher/parent conferences will be scheduled twice a year to discuss your child’s developmental progress. However, if you have a concern about your child’s progress, please feel free to talk to their teacher at anytime.  Likewise, please feel free to share your skills and talents with us at anytime.  We are always ready to listen to parents who are eager to get involved whenever possible.





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